How to screen share

how to screen share

If you must share your screen with lots of of people, Zoom may be the service for you. Then your phone screen is going to be displayed on PC. Today you can control your cell phone screen at your completely free will on your PC. Video options will nonetheless be available within the window. There’s additionally a full-screen choice. In general, not worth it, as there are better options out there. You may use the built-in WiFi direct choice.

Tap the icon, and choose the device in which you wish to observe the screen. It might not be that often, but there’ll be times if you need to mirror or cast your Android screen to your PC. Then click the screenshot icon and you will see you Android screen. You may also choose to show pieces of your screen or simply specific programs, if you need to prevent sharing your complete desktop. If you’re interested in sharing the full screen of your desktop then you ought to pick the Desktop option otherwise you can pick the specific application e.g. MS Word, that you would like to share with your colleagues.

To start mirroring your screen, just tap the device you prefer to use. In theory, devices don’t need even have to be on an identical Wi-Fi network to utilize Miracast. After the above mentioned steps are done successful, your devices will have been mirrored successful and you may now start to relish the experience which is included with. On iPad, you might want to scroll to find all the available devices in the device list. You’ll observe the Android device there, click the connect option beside it.

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