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Remote Access Solution for everyone

The brand new FREE webbased solution for remote control and remote support.

Your Life Made Easier

Universal Access

Because Viewsfer is web-based, all the computers you link to Viewsfer can be accessed through any of your devices.

Secure Remote

SSL encryption keeps your information safe during data transfers between your computers and our management dashboard.

FREE to Use  

Join the new era of remote control by Viewsfer for FREE.

Remote Access Solution

Viewsfer – Remote Access Solution Designed in Europe, makes it simple to remotely access and control your electronic devices from anywhere in the world. Any brand of smartphone can work with Viewsfer’s completely secure, easy-to-use remote access.

Using Viewsfer’s web-based remote management, you can keep your uptime high and your connection secure and stable . Monitor your computer from any device you own and gather valuable information about your computer even before you remotely connect! The original content said, “Keep your Support stable & secure, and your uptime high with Viewsfer Webbased Remote Management.”

 This did not make sense, so we traded “support” for “connection,” but if it is supposed to say something else, please let us know the original’s meaning so we can give you an alternative to this sentence.

Viewsfer solution is
concepted in Germany

Viewsfer allows you to remotely access and control the desktop of your computers and devices from anywhere. This access verry easy and completely secure. Any modern smartphones can be used for remote access.

Keep your Support stable & secure, and your uptime high with Viewsfer Webbased Remote Management. Monitoring your computer from every device and gather valuable information even before remotely connecting to them.

Awesome Benefits

Why to choose our solution? Check the diagram below.

The Benefits of Viewsfer

What makes Viewsfer the right solution for you?

Web Management

SSL Secured

Device Overview

High Availability

Free To Use

What You Get

Check out the features available with our service:

Webbased Computer Access

Use one website to access your computers from anywhere in the world.

Rescue mode: No Installation Required

You don’t need software to use Viewsfer or get instant technical support.

SSL Connection

Encryption keeps each connection between your computer and our platform secure.

Why Cloudbase Management?

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  • Supports both Windows and Mac

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